Andreu Ferrer Franquesa

Physiotherapist, occupational therapist and orthopaedic technician


Physiotherapist, occupational therapist and orthopaedic technician. Fifteen-year experience in the field of assistive devices (technical aids, orthotics and prosthetics). More than ten-year experience in domiciliary rehabilitation. Associate professor at Universitat de Vic where he teaches the subject of Assistive Technology in the physiotherapy degree programme. He also teaches courses on patient mobilization and assessment of assistive devices in the Col·legi Oficial de Terapeutes Ocupacionals de Catalunya (Chartered Society of Occupational Therapists of Catalonia) and in private companies. Postgraduate degree in orthopaedics, biomechanics and management of healthcare centres. He owns the Fisiobages rehabilitation centre and is technical director of Farmàcia-Ortopèdia Ros (both in Manresa)


12:45-14:15MasterclassAssessment of the main domiciliary assistive devices Andreu Ferrer Franquesa

Physiotherapy in its pure state Are you going to miss it?

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