Mercè Sitjà Rabert

Physiotherapist, clinical psychologist and PhD. Lecturer at FCS Blanquerna, URL


Physiotherapist, clinical psychologist (URL) and PhD in public health and biomedical research methodology (UAB). Lecturer in physiotherapy management of ageing and chronicity at FCS Blanquerna (URL). Co-director of the master’s programme in therapeutic physical activity for patients with chronic pathologies, ageing or disabilities, at FCS Blanquerna, URL. She has built her clinical career in the area of geriatric physiotherapy with a professional and educational experience of over 20 years, and a shorter experience in the area of applied research. Her lines of work focus on healthcare for older adults, particularly on the prevention of falls in older adults and evidence-based physiotherapy, on which she has written different articles published in international journals.


15:15-16:45MasterclassAssessing physical function in older adults Mercè Sitjà Rabert
17:00-18:30MasterclassAssessing physical function in older adults Mercè Sitjà Rabert
11:15-12:00SpeechResearch in physiotherapy: project of identification of clinical trials in physiotherapy conducted in Spain and published Mercè Sitjà Rabert

Physiotherapy in its pure state Are you going to miss it?

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